Join us - you won't regret it

We are fun musicians who love music and try our best.


Grades - we don't care.

Auditions - we don't do them

Music - we love it

Fun - is what we are about


Your first rehearsal is free. If you wish to join us then £5.00 per rehearsal after that as and when you can make it.

If you don't receive an email in reply to your form,  within a couple of days, please check your SPAM folder!  We reply from one of our ndco 'gmail accounts' and we're hearing that many of our replies seem to be ending up in 'SPAM'.  We don't know why this is happening and can only ask you to check, if you don't hear from us!

If you want to contact the NDCO Membership team,  please use this form.   PLEASE NOTE:  As above, you should hear from us within 2 or 3 days, if you don't, our reply may be in your email spam box...

How we will look after the information you put in this form:


  • We will never give your data to third parties and we will only use it to email you about our events and activities.

  • Every email we send you will include an option to easily opt-out of future emails. You can also opt-out at any point by contacting us on

  • At any time you can ask to view, update or correct any data we hold on you, and to request that we stop using or erase your data. Full details of your rights can be found in our full Privacy Notice

If you'd like to come to a rehearsal please do send us a message via the contact form beforehand.

We are non-selective when it comes to standard and we'd love to hear from you!  You won't have to decide straight away after your visit, there can be a short introductory period with the orchestra.

We do ask particularly that you let us know if you don't play a regular orchestral instrument. (If you're not sure, do send us a message anyway, it might be that our band may suit you better).

Please let us know, if you have any special requirements.

We all look forward to welcoming you to join our Orchestra.

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