Croydon Orchestral Ensemble and North Downs Community Orchestra forge closer links

Croydon Orchestral Ensemble and North Downs Community Orchestra are pleased to announce closer links between the two orchestras giving members of both orchestras the opportunity to play in either orchestra plus the possibility of joint concerts too.

Dr Brian Wilshere, MD of Croydon Orchestral Ensemble "COE has a long history and actually dates back to 1927. We're a community chamber orchestra with a focus on English music (classical and light) and contemporary music (including arrangements) as well as the core classical and romantic repertoire. We welcome orchestral players of an intermediate standard and we're very excited about our new partnership with the NDCO. We've already performed joint concerts with a local Wind Quintet and also with a Choir, so this would seem to be the next logical step. "

Peter Matthews of NDCO "The NDCO is all about giving musicians the opportunity to enjoy playing their orchestral instrument, to play as well as they can and to reach out into our community. It's super fantastic that we have forged a great relationship with Brian and the COE. This relationship gives both COE and NDCO members more opportunities to play and we're delighted at that."

If you are interested in joining the Croydon Orchestral Ensemble then please contact the membership secretary G. or the general secretary M. Hawkins 020 8654 3040

If you are interested in joining the North Downs Community Orchestra,!join-the-orchestra/colm, then please email or phone Dave Ellis on 07802 78850 or Ashleigh Goss on 07719 009996.

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