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Formed in March 2016, the orchestra is very young but has big ambitions. We are a musical group run by musicians for musicians who are trying to bring the joy of music to our community and to put fun into people's lives. We are now a charity.

The money we raise typically goes back into music, helps keep our running costs down so we can be affordable for all and is used to help us reach out into our community. With more funds we will be able to do fabulous things like buy instruments and run musical workshops where we can give people the chance to find their instrument, do free concerts and do so much more.

One of our priorities is to make sure the orchestra is long term financially secure because that will free us to focus on music, fun and reaching out into our community.


An orchestra of opportunity for all we very much appreciate your support.

Friends of the Orchestra


Joining the Friends of the Orchestra is a great way to get closer to the Orchestra, meet other supporters and get involved in a whole range of activities. Your support, help and encouragement also helps to safeguard the future of the Orchestra and enables us to continue our aim of bringing music to our community.

Friends also gain a special insight into the Orchestra through regular events, updates about our work, and “Friends rehearsals” which provides Friends with opportunities to meet the Orchestra.

"Friends" membership starts at just £18 a year.

Please support those who have supported us

The Orchestra would like to express our sincere thanks to the following who have so kindly and generously provided financial and administrative support to the Orchestra to help it further its goals.

Thank you so much to those who have become 'Friends of the Orchestra' with donations to help with our expenses.

To date, these generous donations have come from  families of orchestra members and also members of the public.

We are most grateful, whatever the size of the donation. Whether £18 or £1000, it will still be put to good use! Please complete  the contact form at the foot of the page if you would like to become a 'Friend of the Orchestra'.

The Hazelwood School Community Fund was set up as part of the school’s 125th Anniversary as a way of saying ‘Thank you for having us’ in the community since 1890.  Grants awarded will be to support events or activities with an educational aspect.

In 2017, our orchestra benefitted  from a grant to run separate Orchestral Sectional Rehearsals, lead by professional musicians, to help us prepare for our First Birthday Concert which was held on Sunday, 19th March, 2017.

The 1st Birthday concert was also generously hosted by Hazelwood School.

In 2018, we have received another grant which will be used to run some  percussion training, buy some  percussion instruments and run some primary school outreach.  Watch our 'Development' page for details of the training.

in June 2018 our summer concert was held at St John's Church, Caterham Valley.  We are grateful to Caterham Festival for inviting us to perform again and for providing publicity in the Festival programme.

In June 2019 we were invited to take part in the 'Things to do in Caterham' exhibition and hope to be able to join in again in the future.

Online shopping

If you shop online then you can carry on shopping at the stores your currently buy from and at the same prices but this time each time you make a purchase the shop sends a little donation to the orchestra.


It's safe, legal and very easy to do and it really helps us.


Come to our website here first and click on this link.


Then select your shop and just buy as you always have.


Every time you buy this way a small part of your purchase is donated by the shop you are buying from, to the orchestra.


So please, change the way you shop online. Click here before you buy and buy via our portal. Or just add this link to your internet browser favourites.


And don't forget, you can share the link too.  Every penny helps. 

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