What our members say about the Orchestra

“What an amazing night! Great privilege to be part of the orchestra. Wonderful, friendly atmosphere. Very supportive people and veeeery patient conductor"

"I love this orchestra and what it stands for....playing music and having fun"

“it's just so friendly, I love it”

"Great evening last night"

“I am so grateful, I have always wanted to play in an Orchestra and never thought I would get a chance – thank you so much”

“Thanks for last night, such great fun and I still have Dambusters in my head! I imagine it can't have been easy to get this off the ground but I'm very glad you did - thank you.”

“Great fun. Can't wait for the next rehearsal.”

".....i really enjoy playing and forgot how much I love it."


"I'm really enjoying the orchestra, it sounds great and it's lovely to get out and meet new people"


"I'm buzzing! We are an orchestra and what a nice group of people"

"I had 4 lessons many years ago, haven't played since and have never played in an Orchestra. I really enjoyed myself...I'll be back" 

"Music is great, it's amazing how you can just be in the zone when playing"

"very easy, very user friendly"


"I really enjoyed the rehearsal on wednesday and was buzzing when I got home. I had the best nights sleep for a long time"

"I love this orchestra"

"it's really nice to play in such a relaxed atmosphere without the pressure"

"fantastic, this stands so much for what I believe in in music"

"i was really really afraid at the beginning and I almost missed the opportunity but fortunately i managed to go out and join the orchestra"

"it doesn't matter if you only play the 1st note, the 3rd note or all 4 notes in the bar, you will definitely enjoy yourself, its a friendly bunch, i guarantee smiles when you walk in the door and you'll feel the atmosphere"

What others say about the Orchestra


"....great turnout and a fab bunch of people"

Dr Brian Wilshere. Croydon Orchestral Ensemble


"...my student is really enjoying the orchestra, I'll definitely recommend the orchestra to more of my students"

Rachel Donaldson. Vioin Teacher. Newtons Music. Merstham

"...it really is inspiring....you are all so enthusiastic"

Lesley Robinson. Meridian 107 FM




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