We are making plans for a super programme for a celebratory GALA concert...hopefully for our 5th Anniversary in  2021.

We consulted our members with a survey to find our favourite pieces since the orchestra began in March 2016.  As our rep always has 'something for everyone', we can guarantee that  our members will enjoy a good proportion of the chosen pieces.  We expect our audience to as well!

Now a 3rd 'Lockdown' has occurred we have added some more rep to try to keep things interesting.

We have been working on our own commissioned piece - Something's Stirring on Godstone Green by Nick Drewe, composed for us in 2016.

Rep for the Spring Term 2021 - Virtual Playalongs

Romeo and Juliet Overture

Grease Medley

4 Handel Highlights (from our library)

Plus The Sound of Music and our two Beethoven pieces and Mamma Mia from a year ago.


Rep for the Autumn Term 2020 and into Spring Term 2021

5 favourite pieces from our members’ survey:

Great Escape

Pirates of the Carribean

The Sound of Music

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Moon River

3 pieces recommended by committee:

Something’s Stirring on Godstone Green

Hymn to the Angels


3 pieces being carried forward from Spring 2020 rep:

Mozart ‘Linz’

March to the Scaffold

Liberty Bell

Wind section piece:

Beneath the Surface of Things by Richard Cross

For our virtual playalongs during Lockdown, we have been using the rep for our posponed 4th birthday concert.  This was because our members had their sheet music at home with them, so it seemed the easiest way to get playing again.
Now we are adding in a few old favourites and will continue to do this gradually so that there's a variety of pieces to playalong to.

August/September 2020 update

2020 has been a year like no other - certainly for amateur music making groups. While sporting activities have been up and running again for sometime now and shops, bars and restaurants are all open, amateur music groups are having to find a way to continue to engage with their members. Even though finding suitable 'Covid secure' venues for meetings is now a possibility, not every group is going to find a suitable venue and not every player is going to be able to return to normal 'live' rehearsals. We are not 'back to normal' yet.

Meanwhile lots of us have been having some success with online 'rehearsals'. There are positives, not all of which are musical. We count our blessings when things go right and/or when our members feel that coming to our online rehearsals has been worthwhile.

OR Hymn to the Angels - Cover (1).jpg
We also have a completely new piece to work on:

Pandemic Composition: Hymn to the Angels by Karl Whelan.  (

Our online playalong rehearsals  have had a new lease of life, brought to us by a new and special piece of music.


It's called 'Hymn to the Angels'. You can make a donation to Karl Whelan's NHS Charity appeal and he will try to send your group pdf parts for all the instruments you have. As well as this he kindly supplied audio tracks including the version with clicks and count ins throughout.

If your violins can 'shimmer', you will need them to do that at the start - it's magical! (Windbands also have an arrangment- but do they 'shimmer'? ).

2020 Spring Term's new rep for our 4th Birthday Concert:

A very special new piece for our wind section to premiere!

Beneath The Surface Of Things

For the North Downs Community Orchestra

By Richard Cross

13th January 2020

Words and meaning are in the mind of the beholder; words and music are metaphor to another, truer part of ourselves.
There is always another layer, perhaps until either the infinite or elemental is reached: two contrasting natures, the polarised extremes of any conceivable spectrum. Is this really the endpoint?
Music explores, evolves, uncovers, reveals. Three short themes are embedded in the piece: the first, a curiously energetic "surface" to break the silence. It serves as a sprightly veneer for themes two (a descending, arcing melodic line wrapped in more traditional Romantic harmony) and three (a folksong-like melody first heard on alto saxophone.) These two themes are both carried by and drive the music as the narrative unfolds; in a brief development, they and their fragments, against the backdrop of a rising tide of intensity, draw the music to untold depths as a raw power seizes the soundscape from within.
Stillness, beauty and ethereal expectancy hang in the air in the music that follows... there is always another layer - Beneath The Surface Of Things.

To see other pieces that Richard has composed please visit his website:

Lots of Ms!

Mozart - Symphony No 36 “Linz’ 1st Mvt

March to the Scaffold from Symphony Fantastique - Berlioz

Mamma Mia Selections - Abba

Monty Python - Liberty Bell - Sousa

Moon River - Mancini


Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple - String section piece

In the Hall of the Mountain King - Grieg - you can listen and look at the parts at:

5th movement of Beethoven's 6th (Shepherd's Hymn)

Beethoven's Birthday too?  He would have been 250 in 2020!  We are playing an additional piece by Beethoven - Ode to Joy Festival, a joyous arrangement from the final movement of his 9th Symphony.

Parts  for all our Spring 2020 pieces have been handed  out at our rehearsals at the beginning of the Spring term.   Get in touch if you would like to visit with your instrument - most of our rehearsals are 'Open' but it's good to know who to expect so we can have the right music ready where ever possible.

2019 Autumn Term's new rep:

We have progressed well with sourcing our new pieces for the Autumn term - all of these pieces have now arrived.

Flower of Scotland by Roy Williamson - for St Andrews Day

Some Handel Highlights including the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah

Thriller by Rod Temperton (strings)

Happy by Pharrell Williams (strings)

Christmas Eve - Sarajevo by Paul O'Neill and Robert Kinell

Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson

Dance of the Hours by Amil Ponchielli

Some more of the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky

Everything I do, I do it for you by Bryan Adams and others - from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

From the Realms of Glory an arrangement of traditional carols by Roszell

Rounded off with 'Christmas Sing along' which is a set of well known carols for the audience to join in with.


A piece specially for our woodwind and brass section - Sleepers Wake by J S Bach

In our Members' Survey, June 2019 our members confirmed that they love a mixed bag of genres.

We didn't ask the audience though, they seemed to love taking part too in our 2019 concerts so far - 'clap and party' in Lady Gaga's Born this Way and singing along to Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory for the Summer Prom and singing 'I vow to Thee  my Country' and Bohemian Rhapsody in our March 3rd Birthday concert.

2019 Summer term's new rep: 

We've been looking for 'Prom' type music with plenty of audience participation. Also some toe tapping music from Westerns, Cole Porter and (probably) Lady Gaga - unless that is a step too far! 

Pomp and Circumstance No 1 - Elgar

Jerusalem - Parry

Farandole -Bizet

Radetsky - J Strauss

Summertime - Gershwin

The Great Escape Theme 

Wind only - Palladio - K Jenkins

Strings only - Afterburn - Balmages

Something for everyone!

New for January 2019

Lots of new repertoire has been assessed and chosen by a group of our members.  Many thanks to all of them!

So far in January we chose:

The Flowers Waltz from the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.  Parts are from the BBC 10 pieces website.  You can take a look too - click on the link and choose your part from "Arrangements: Play the pieces with simplified parts".

I Vow to Thee My Country, by Gustav Holst.  

Bohemian Rhapsody, by Freddie Mercury.

Gabriel's Oboe, by Ennio Morricone

Nimrod, from Enigma Variations, by Edward Elgar

Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl, by Klaus Badelt

Shostakovich 2nd Waltz (wind section)

The Greatest Showman, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul

and some old favourites:

Mary Poppins Medley 

The Dam Busters

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