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Support NDCO

Formed in March 2016, NDCO is very young but has big ambitions. We are a musical group run by musicians for musicians who are trying to bring the joy of music to our community and to put fun into people's lives. Please consider supporting us by making a donation or by using our fundraising shopping links.


The North Downs Community Orchestra is a registered charity. Our funds come mainly from weekly subscriptions, donations, and concert takings. Our registered charity number is 1183074.

The money we raise typically goes back into music, helps keep our running costs down so we can be affordable for all, and is used to help us reach out into our community. Our fundraising efforts empower us to take on bigger projects, such as the ability to buy instruments for musicians to borrow, run musical workshops where we can give people the chance to find their instrument, give free concerts, and do so much more.

One of our priorities is to make sure the orchestra is financially secure in the long-term because that will free us to focus on music, fun, and reaching out into our community.

Please consider making a donation to an orchestra of opportunity for all -- we very much appreciate your support.


If you shop online, consider using our Easy Fundraising shopping link to help us passively raise funds while you shop! You can carry on shopping at the stores your currently buy from and at the same prices, but each time you make a purchase the shop sends a little donation to the orchestra.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit this site to get started:

  2. Select your shop and make online purchases as you always have. For every purchase you make, a small donation is made by the shop you are buying from to the orchestra.

  3. Bookmark the fundraising link above, and visit the fundraiser link before making purchases.


It's safe, legal, and very easy to do. You can share this link with friends and family as well. Every penny helps, and a small action on your part can help us immensely. 


 For any questions on how to support us, send us a message.

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