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Christmas Capriccio

The Bawtree Hall at Hazelwood School was packed again for our Christmas concert on Sunday 26th November 2023 and made for a great atmosphere - Here are a couple of reviews.

"The North Downs Community Orchestra delivered a captivating Christmas performance at Hazelwood school, showcasing their exceptional musicianship and interpretative skills in an eclectic program that ranged from the likes of Mamma Mia to the classics including Tchaikovsky and Strauss. The conductor, Sara Young, guided the ensemble with precision and passion, bringing out the nuances of each composition and not to mention a beautifully sparkling jacket! Standout moments included a gorgeous and enigmatic vocal rendition of Habanera by Laura Carew Gibbs, leaving the audience in awe. The orchestra's collective sound was powerful, creating a simply captivating atmosphere which resonated with the audience. The Polar Express and Frozen were perfectly executed and brought some Christmas cheer to us all at this concert which was so perfectly placed to brighten the winter months. This was a wonderful evening spanning both classical and modern music, which would appeal to just about anyone. This once again highlighted the orchestra's community spirit and left a lasting impression on the concert goers."

Romy Ellis-Doyle


We’ll leave the last word to one of our younger audience members:


I thought the concert was really great! The orchestra is amazing. I think it must be fun to be a conductor and hold the stick and tell people when to play. It looks a bit like a magical wand from Harry Potter. 


My favourite part of the concert was the Christmas songs and watching my nan play the trumpet and the lady that sung to everyone.


I really like coming to the concerts and I wish they had a piano in the orchestra because that’s what I play 

Samuel, Age 10

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