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Soiree for the Spire

A superb evening of music making at St Andrew’s church ( March 17th 2024 )

St Andrew’s seems like a tardis, looks small on the outside but it seated a full house of 160 people in the audience! We were all treated to some excellent music:

Second up, after some lovely organ music, were our 8 celli. We could all appreciate why they call themselves a cello choir. All three pieces were played in beautiful four or six part harmony. Well done celli.

After the interval, which was unmissable in

itself for the generous refreshments

provided by the St Andrew’s congregation,

came another NDCO highlight.

Christine, who had organised the whole event, played the Bach double concerto for two violins. Her duet partner was Sara Young. They were accompanied by the organist playing harpsichord. To say this performance was good is an understatement, fantastic performances from both, together with the accompanist of course.

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