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Launch of the North Downs Community Orchestra attracts extensive press coverage

The launch of the North Downs Community Orchestra last week has attracted substantial press coverage with front page articles on several regional newspapers and the orchestra invited to speak on local radio shows.

"Across the region there must be tens of thousand of musicians who desperately miss playing music with fellow musicians. Musicians who love music but might not quite play at the standard they used to play at or musicians who are learning a new instrument but don't meet the standards required by other orchestras.

That we now have full String and Wind Sections plus percussion and so much laughter at rehearsals just 2 weeks from our launch tells us that we have done the right thing in forming the NDCO" says Peter Matthews co-founder of the Orchestra.

"We owe a massive thank you specifically to Catherine Davison plus Anita Birch and Jess Mahler of Skipton Community Orchestra for their amazing leadership, inspiration and help. That this orchestra exists at all is substantially down to the incredible support and encouragement Catherine and everyone else, including our new good friends at several regional Orchestras notable Steve Dummer and James Torry at Horsham Symphony Orchestra, have given us".

"Thank you. Our success is your success. This is an orchestra of fun and opportunity. Opportunity to those who want to play again, to those who are learning and those who have never had the opportunity before. Fun trumps everything and we more forward with a determination to grow and to reach out and bring the joy of music to as many people as we can."

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