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Percussion Playtime

On Wednesday, 25th July 2018, a 'junk percussion' workshop was held for potential percussionists, also for some orchestra and band members and their families.

Claire Hasted North Downs Community Orchestra percussion workshop
Claire Hasted, an experienced professional orchestral percussionist, leading the percussion workshop.

We were very fortunate that Claire Hasted was able to lead the workshop. Claire, who is an experienced professional orchestral percussionist, arrived suitably equipped with wide ranging but clean/safe 'junk' and drumsticks for us to play with.

During the course of the evening we progressed from 'body percussion' (our own) through plastic beaker percussion to 'junk percussion' (broomsticks, buckets, hard hats and dustbins). After that we also began to incorporate some real percussion instruments.

Claire currently teaches at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham and Charterhouse. She has examined for Trinity Guildhall and consulted for the Associated Board Royal School of Music (ABRSM). She coaches the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain and is a member of Albert's Band, the education ensemble at the Royal Albert Hall.

We are the 'funorchestra' and Claire ensured that this workshop was great fun whilst giving us a useful experience of being percussionists for the evening. By the end of the workshop we had a short routine to perform involving an eclectic mix of our instruments and 'junk'.

This was all made possible with the help of a generous grant from the Hazelwood School Community Fund.

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