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Double Sleigh Ride!

The North Downs Community Orchestra held its 3rd concert in 2019 at St John's, Hurst Green on November 30th.

North Downs Community Orchestra / NDCO sleigh ride group photo
The North Downs Community Orchestra wishes you a Happy Christmas!

The orchestra of over 60 gathered in the Green room immediately prior to the start for a photo session with Elaine Sandford and Jack Nicol. They caught the mood of eager anticipation plus a some useful nervous energy from the members about to perform.

The concert programme brought a collection of popular music of all types from Bach to Thriller! Highlights included some tuneful seasonal Nutcracker pieces, stately Handel, and a new and sparkling piece set in Sarejevo with a moving cello solo based on 'God Rest You Merry Gentlemen' followed by riotous rhythms, from the rest of the orchestra, woven between the first carol and the Ukrainian Bell Carol .

Sleigh Ride did not disappoint at all. Playing this piece for a second time as an encore brought the audience into action again with enthusiastic clapping along. Sara Young, the orchestra's talented Musical Director, skillfully conducted the assembled orchestra and also the audience participation pieces.

Sara Young NDCO sleigh ride concert
Our talented Musical Director, Sara Young, at NDCO's Sleigh Ride concert.

The programme concluded with some Sing along Carols. These were enjoyed by all but, perhaps the biggest surprise was how much the orchestra enjoyed playing 'Everything I do, I do it for you'. The essence probably for a Community Orchestra pulling together to put on such an enjoyable evening.

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