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North Downs Orchestra to celebrate 4th Birthday Concert with new commission

The North Downs Community Orchestra’s 4th Birthday Concert was unfortunately postponed due to COVID-19. We plan to host our 4th birthday concert as soon as we are able with a new composition by Richard Cross, the Orchestra’s Principal Guest Conductor.

"Beneath the Surface of Things"

Richard Cross NDCO North Downs Community Orchestra
Richard Cross, our Principal Guest Conductor

Richard Cross, professional trombonist, conductor and composer, whose new composition, ‘Beneath The Surface Of Things’, written for the North Downs Community Orchestra’s wind section, will be premiered at NDCO’s 4th Birthday Concert.

Richard combines his work as a professional trombonist and conductor with his love of composition. He has a particular role in coaching the NDCO’s wind and brass instrument players and it is for them that he has written, ‘Beneath The Surface Of Things’. Richard says of his new work, ‘The three themes in the music develop against the backdrop of a rising tide of intensity. Then stillness, beauty and ethereal expectancy hang in the air in the music that follows … there is always another layer – Beneath The Surface of Things’.

As the Orchestra’s numbers grow, over 60 players at their last concert, so the NDCO continues to programme classics from Beethoven, Mozart and Berlioz alongside the rousing Monty Python theme music from Sousa, and their next audience sing-along medley from ABBA. Musical Director, Sara Young says, ‘We have great fun playing and we hope that our audiences share in that fun. Our players come from all over the North Downs area including Redhill and Reigate. We look forward to meeting a new audience and enjoying wonderful music together.’

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