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Music for All

Pam and Peter met Paul McManus CEO of the Music Industry Association who also run the charity "Music for all" to learn more about the charity and to explore how Pam and the Education Programme could work with the "Music for all" charity.

Most grateful to Paul for his hospitality, super fantastic advice and the connections he suggested we make. The Orchestra has already started Education initiatives looking at a programme for string players “Are you a secret Orchestral String player ?” a programme that is designed to create new string players specifically to reach out into our community and find people who may never have had the chance to play an instrument before and to give them that chance.

Those who have the talent will then be guided and mentored through a structured education programme based around the Grade 1 culminating with them being gently integrated into and finally playing that String Instrument in the Orchestra where their knowledge, skills and abilities will grow from strength to strength.

More musicians and more music is good for everyone. Great for the individual and brilliant for our communities. Music is fun. Dust down your instrument and join the Band or the Orchestra today or come and register with us for our education programme.

And support this brilliant charity too, Music for all.

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