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The North Downs Community Orchestra - Stunning Show!

On the 4th December, North Downs Community Orchestra performed an amazing winter concert!

By Kinga Rostkowska, aged 12

The North Downs Community Orchestra is a very friendly orchestra in which you do not need any grades, only a passion for music; this is why you may also know this as the “Fun Orchestra”, which it is. The Fun Orchestra is a stress-free orchestra for all ages, so I do recommend joining, even if you do not have much experience. They performed an extraordinary show at St Mark's Church, Reigate, with a vast attendance.

The performance was truly incredible: from different instruments coming in different times, to letting the audience join in with singing from lyrics that were provided, to handing out bells and egg shakers for the audience to join in when the orchestra played a winter classic-Jingle Bells. I was very pleased with their performance, as they had only 4 rehearsals, and a variety of abilities.

I listened to them practicing, I took pictures, I recorded the performance, and I even gave a present to the vicar, whereas another girl gave well-earned flowers to the conductor, Jackey.

At the end, anyone who wished to try to play the violin, had an opportunity to do so. A teddy bear was sitting on the stage in a chair with a violin beside it, and a piece of paper with “Please Play Me” written on it. It meant that people should try to play the violin if they wanted, and see if it was an instrument they liked. The point of it was to make people try something new, and then just maybe they could take up learning to play the violin.

Much love sent to everyone who participated, as it was a night we shall not forget. Well done!

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