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What has got 16 legs, makes music, talks and laughs at lunchtime on St Georges Day ?

Tune in and listen to members of the North Downs Community Orchestra being interviewed live on Meridian 107FM. 12:00 hrs Saturday 23rd April 2016.

Great fun musicians with fantastic amazing stories - stories that inspire people to find their instrument. And these people all share 1 thing, they are members of the fun Orchestra, the North Downs Community Orchestra. The newest Orchestra in England bringing music to a beautiful corner of England and maybe beyond ! #musicisfun #musicforall

Don't worry if you missed our interview on Meridian 107FM because you can now listen to it here. Members of your orchestra being interviewed live on the radio talking about their musical backgrounds, the orchestra, their experiences, how they came to join the orchestra and what the orchestra means to them. It's inspiring radio at it's best. Enjoy listening then dust off your instrument and join us. Thank you to the Rotary Club of East Grinstead for your amazing support in helping the orchestra to grow and reach out and bring the joy of music into our community.

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If you are looking to join a fun, welcoming group of musicians, get in touch. We would love to meet you at our next rehearsal!

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